Social Media Trends

Currently, social media use is an integral part of people’s life. Social media trends have been change dramatically in recent years. Globalization and digitalization have great impact on social media and vice versa. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, What’s app, LinkedIn and other social networks are competing each other in latest trends an expanding their empires and dynasties to leave others behind. Monthly active users of social networking sites are continuously increasing with the passage of time on mobile and sites are also introducing new features day by day to engage the users and competing rivals.

Storytelling, live videos, rise of chat-bots, merging social media platforms, and usage of social influencer are the most used and advance features of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and Instagram. Users can connect with all sites through one or two accounts and connect themselves for social media. Users connect throughput the world and tell others through uploading and updating statuses, check-ins and story.

Social media is using not only for socialization, but also for marketing and discussions among users via comments and replies and tweets. Users connect through pages, groups and adding other people in their social circles. On Twitter and Instagram users follow each other and connect with one another.

Since 2010, social media is also being used for propaganda, e-diplomacy, strategies, online marketing, cyberbullying and agenda building and setting worldwide. Users discuss controversial issues and topics in groups and post on pages to engage people from around the world. Recent dilemma of fake news and fact checking also start from Facebook and Google and now its debate around the globe.

Palestine, Kashmir, Syria war are the biggest problems and issues in the global world and people discuss and report these events online on social media to highlight the importance of the issues.

Social media and traditional media are reciprocal each other and sets the agenda for each other sometimes. Researchers say it “inter-media” agenda and it can be between traditional or online media. Journalism phenomenon has been change due to the digitalization of the world and journalists and media outlets are connect with each other through social platforms.

People use #hashtags, and mention others to engage in the conversations and discussions from all over the world. Twitter and Facebook particularly and other social sites generally bring dramatic change in the journalism and the way of reporting the events from around the globe. Journalists, media persons and organizations use social media effectively to cover the events and engage audience from all over the world on different issues and topics.