Press Freedom

“Press freedom” is under attack worldwide, especially in Asian and developing countries. The World Press Freedom Index measure press freedom in 180 countries worldwide but the worst scenario in Asian region. Governments, detained journalists, create hurdles in investigation, agencies spy on journalists, and send them jail on account of covering protests and investigating in corruption and scandals.

According to freedom of the press means:

The right to publish newspapers, magazines, and other printed matter without governmental restriction and subject only to the laws of libel, obscenity and sedition.

International Journalists Network (IJNET) press freedom defines as:

Working without fear of government reprisal to helping support democratic freedoms and institutions.

According to The World Press Freedom Index 2016, Pakistan ranks 147th out of 180 countries. In 2014 Amnesty International reported that 34 journalists had been killed in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia ranked 165th number out 180 and India falls at 133th out of 180 countries. Some of Asian countries are the most dangerous countries in the world. Journalists and media persons threatened and beaten by agencies, officials and pressure groups from the society.

China build great firewall to monitor and block social media networking and blogs. They are also warning and abducting social and human activists and ranked at 176 th number in The Press Freedom Index.

In Philippine journalists are continuously in danger. Malaysia government also crackdown against independent media outlets across the country. Government prosecuted outspoken journalists and block websites.

Journalists are being harassed and threatened, it effects professionalism and their work. Journalist’s are working in mainstream media are being supported by the journalist’s networks and organizations. But on the other, freelancers and bloggers are more in danger than professional journalists.

Even every country’s constitution make sure the freedom of the press and free speech for their citizens.

AJN Network supports free speech and right of expression to promote and strengthen democracy and transparency in public interests.

Number of organizations operating worldwide to promote and make sure free media and freedom of the press in different regions. AJN believes in independent free media, press freedom in Asian region for better performance of journalists and media persons.

Turkey, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico and Korea also dangerous for journalists and media persons to work independently.

Free media also contribute in democracy, good governance, women empowerment and eradication of poverty and unemployment. Freedom of press and right to information act are best for implementation of government decisions which are in the public interests.