Objectives and Activities

The AJNs programs fall into the following broad categories:

  • Professional development programs for media professionals in Asian countries.
  • Training for the media people.
  • To promote research among Asian journalism schools and institutions.
  • To train the media persons, and prepare them for the field.
  • To bridge the gap between academics and media professionals.
  • To promote investigative journalism.
  • To cater to the needs of professionals in Asian countries to strengthen democracy and investigative journalism.
  • To promote investigative journalism for human development.
  • To teach the effective use of social media for professional journalists.
  • To strengthen investigative and independent journalism in Asia region.
  • To encourage women to work in media and minority reporting in the developing countries.
  • To promote free media and freedom of the press in most dangerous countries of the world and particularly in the Asian region.
  • To build networking among media professionals across the region.

The network works with like-minded international organizations committed to strengthening the capacity of news media to produce robust, independent, investigative, informed and peace journalism.