Our Mission

The Asian Journalism Network is a non-profit international organization based in Pakistan, with the mission of “helping media men and Academicians in the Asian region share professional knowledge in a global and connected world”.

The mission recognizes that news media are affected by global changes in society, such as globalization, digital transformations, social media, investigative journalism, development journalism and changing the connection between governments, media men, and society.

It also admitted fact that media development and journalism research institutions are important tools for economic and social and human development in the Asian region and the outer world.

Our Philosophy

In setting up the AJN, the founders want to provide an effective way of tapping the energy, goodwill and resources of established news media, the foundation sector, individual journalists and others to support the development and investigative journalism in the region.

The assumptions underlying the network mission are that journalism in established societies is well placed to help international colleagues seeking professional help, that there are professional and other benefits to be gained from this engagement, and that programs to strengthen journalism bring benefits to all communities through, through promoting public accountability, informed citizenry, and engaged civil society.

A key feature of the network work is its focus on personal leadership skills needed to implement change in media.